Why Use a Property Manager?

As a Property Management Company in Toronto, this is probably the most common question I field.......that and how much does it cost?  I came across this article in the Toronto Star and I think it touches  on a very good point.  How much is your time worth?  Sometimes we find it difficult to monetize our personal time, but the reality is that with the pace that we live at now, we are forced to think about the fact that our time is worth money.  So my question to you is what is that time worth?  And how can you spend it better?

A good Property Manager is going to screen potential tennants and is going to collect your rent for you.  But what you need to ask yourself is, what is their plan for my investment and how are they going to increase my rate of return?  If these aren't clear for you then it is time that you find a new partner to work with.  We at GMP strive to exceed are clients expectations and increase their returns!  We also use our years of experience in Property Management to plan, budget and execute our vision for your investment.

Your time has value, let us help you free it up to consider your next investment!